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Helpful Hints on Showing Vegetables

Points will be awarded for freshness, uniformity and condition

ONIONS: Lift approximately one week before the show. Trim off roots and remove any split skins. Select three of uniform shape and size. Wash clean with a sponge ands trim shaws to approximately one inch. Carefully dry and sprinkle with unscented talcum powder to dry any moisture. Keep in a cool dry position. To stage, remove all the talcum powder, tie tops tightly with raffia and place in small rings, two to the rear and one in front.

POTATOES: Clean in water immediately after lifting. Select five tubers of approximately 5oz (140gms) and uniform in shape and size. Take care not to damage skins when cleaning. Wrap each tuber in white kitchen paper towels to exclude all light. To stage them, remove from towels and place on a paper plate.

TURNIPS & CARROTS: Trim shaws to approximately three inches from top. Leave roots intact. Wash thoroughly and wrap individually in white paper towels. To stage, remove from paper towels and place on the show table.

LEEKS: Water thoroughly before lifting with a garden fork. Wash carefully and make sure roots are clean. Do not trim roots or foliage. Stage on show table.